In Memory Care

What is is?
in memory care

In memory care is a platform that helps people to access preventive healthcare and treatment easier! Consumer buys a health care and wellness discount card, that allows attractive and discounted pricing across medical touch points like pathology labs,diagnostic centers,hospitals,nursing homes,dental clinics,spa and wellness centers,pharmacies and many others.

How does it work?

Buy the card online or from the local retailers:

Once you have bought the card,please visit our website and activate the card by providing your basic informations like email id,name etc.

Find the Discount Providers on the website:

Whenever you wish to do certain test or need some healthcare service,visit Discount Providers Tab on the website and search for service providers in your area.Inside individual service providers’ details,you will find special offers where you will see the rate of discount they are offering.

Show your card at the centers and Get discount:

Flash your IMC Health Card at the service provider center and ask them for the discount.

To buy the card,click here.Buy

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