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In memory care Healthcare & Wellness Discount card is very similar to what Medical Discount programs are.It is one of the best health discount card in india,though is not a Health Organisation.Inmemorycare,which is a Family Medical discount card offer savings on dental, vision, and prescription. It is not a health organisation nor does it own any hospital or pathology lab or any other healthcare center. But what it does is,it helps people get discounted pricing at various healthcare centers with whom it has its tie ups tp extend special discounts to its members and card holders.

Benefits of In memory Care Healthcare medical wellness Card:

1.:Helps you to stay healthy at an affordable price

Be it the blood tests and diabetic check up for yourself, or the over all medical check up for the the kids of the family or for the wife or your parents,these are activities and expenses that we can not think of forgoing.

2.:Special privileged Pricing at various medical touch points and Health Organisation

You buy a privilege health care card, and allows you and your family to get attractive and discounted pricing across medical service providers.

3.:It improves overall well being with preventive health check ups at a discounted price

How many times you wanted to do a preventive health check up ,but delayed it because you felt the cost was high? Sure it will be the case with many of us.

So how does it work?

Buy the card online or from the local retailers

Once you have bought the card,please visit our website and activate the card by providing your basic informations like email id,name etc.

Find the Discount Providers on the website

Whenever you wish to do certain test or need some healthcare service,visit Discount Providers Tab on the website and search for service providers in your area.Inside individual service providers’ details,you will find special offers where you will see the rate of discount they are offering.

Show your card at the centers and Get discount

Flash your IMC Health Card at the service provider center and ask them for the discount.

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