Our dream is to make less people fall sick, Less people go to hospital

And we don't want anyone to suffer for the lack of resources

That is the driving thought for why we are Inmemorycare and marching towards reaching to each and every Indian family.

KEY Benefits of Inmemorycare Healthcare & Wellness Discount Card

What does the card do?

Special privileged Pricing

Special privileged Pricing at various medical touch points like pathology labs,diagnostic centers,hospitals,nursing homes,dental clinics,spa and wellness centers,pharmacies and many others.

Instant Discount

Instant discount.You don't have to wait for discount. These are on the spot cash discounts.


Affordable card price.Only Rs 999/- for a whole year and can be used multiple times for getting discounts

No Outer Limit on Discount

No outer limit of expense unlike medical insurance.

Discount on out of pocket expenses

Inmemorycare healthcare & Wellness Discount card helps you get discount on out of pocket expenses over and above mediclaims.

For Entire Family

You buy a privilege health care card, and it allows you and your family to get attractive and discounted pricing across medical service providers.

Preventive health check ups

It improves overall well being with preventive health check ups at a discounted price.

Assured discounts

Assured discounts in all medical and healthcare services

Discount on wellness

Not just for medical services but also can be used in wellness centers like spa,gyms etc.




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